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    Complex sales doesn't need to be complicated. With a simple lens your existing team can know what to do, and why, in every moment to generate repeatable revenue - instantly, with less waste, and less risk.

  • For founding teams who wish to avoid the hamster wheel of suffering.

    Create a flywheel of success for repeatable revenue.


    Engineering Mindset

    Apply a simple lens to sales for immediate measurable impact to critical deals




    Calibrate your sales process and pitch based on simplified market signals that emerge


    Learning Process

    Align every business function with the clearest and most actionable market insights

  • Apply for a 2-4 hour free pilot to fix critical deals. 

    We skip the sales pitch and let you experience immediate value first hand. This is the fastest way to grok an expertly guided sales, marketing, customer success, SDR, and product management learning loop.

    Using our simple lens to review your pipeline and pitch, our pilots unlock deals that are stuck. They identify deals that are set up to fail later on and help fix them before it is too late. Your builder talents increase in alignment with driving sales and reducing product scope. We typically demonstrate at least 10x ROI to the top line. We even have a documented >100x ROI, a deal just shy of $1M, from a 4-hour pilot within an industry we knew absolutely nothing about. We're currently accepting applications for Feb/March.

  • We serve a diverse set of people, organizations and industries

    With a new lens based on first principles, we empower you to quickly find the simplest path to closing your deals and to increase your alignment with your market.

  • CEO & Proven Sales Head close deal < 1wk (10x Return)

    • ~2 Days of Pipeline Reviews 
    • Improved communication between sales and executives
    • The process identified clear next steps for a stuck deal (~1.5 yrs)
    • The 6-figure deal closed in <1 week
    • CEO now confident to scale sales with the collaborative playbook

  • Lead sales team as CEO recruited proven CRO

    • Engaged following a $30M Series C funding round
    • Up-leveled the sales team's skills and kept key deals moving during transitional phase
    • Ran pipeline meetings, increased team rigor and unlocked abilities
    • Half-day pilot impacted key deals immediately
    • Increased alignment between Sales, Product and Marketing teams contributing towards Go-To-Market strategy

  • Founding team become "Sales Founders"

    • Weekly pipeline reviews moved deals forward while capturing their repeatable sales process
    • The cross-functional founding team learned how to make the most use of time in sales meetings
    • Clear market feedback helped simplified and guide pilot requirements and the long term product roadmap

  • SaaS cofounder doubled monthly revenue and grew ave deal size

    • 5 x 2-hour sessions in < 3mo's with founder
    • Applied process to smaller deals to sharpen it for larger deals
    • Doubled MRR revenue in July
    • Now focused on integrating new success stories into sales deck and marketing resources (e.g., website)

  • Former teacher turned top EdTech sales rep

    • Started with a negative feedback loop on calls
    • Transformed each moment into a positive feedback loop
    • Nuanced differences from her 30 teammates
    • How she plans her day, starts and ends meetings and her prioritization
    • Now she enjoys selling, which leads to more calls and success

  • Venture fund applies sales process to LP fundraising deck

    • Used pipeline review process to increase awareness of what drove success in fundraising for fund 1
    • Used MVPitch to connect the dots for future fund LP fundraising deck
    • Transformed prospective LP meetings into precise feedback loops getting much richer information earlier
    • Allowed time in meetings to be personalized to each LP's background and situation
    • Sharpened next steps

  • Accelerator program manager recommends workshop as highly rated and engaging

    • Kate brings in relevant mentors to XL8UH (an accelerator for founders within the University of Hawaii community)
    • Most members have no experience selling
    • The workshop ranked highest with attendee's due to its engaging and eye opening format
    • People liked the feedback session and its focus on driving tangible action and impact
    • Kate valued the way Walter modeled the process of getting to the truth during sales and customer development by modeling it within the context of the workshop itself


    Tell us about your sales situation and the health of your organizational collaboration.


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