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Moment Sales Manifesto

Value. Compassion. Attunement. Truth. Alignment. Y(our) Best Life.


Our simple yet powerful way of being:

  1. Sales is a search, find those whose suffering you uniquely end.
  2. Meet whatever arises in the moment, consciously and in connection.
  3. Value every moment of your life, engage as an equal.
  4. Manage the time and attention of others with compassion, as you do your own.
  5. Always be Compassionate, Curious and Clear, especially when it takes courage. \
  6. Attune in every moment, surface alignment and clear next steps.
  7. Success is getting to the truth, let go of attachment to outcomes.
  8. Listen deeply, resistance often falls away on its own when given the space to be seen and felt. 
  9. Sales is being of service, when you embody this, the right words and actions emerge deep from within.
  10. Align every moment with what drives truth, this is the path for y(our) best life.


Walter R. Roth

founder + ceo

P.s., If a sales process doesn't make you a more aware and aligned human, it is not worth a moment of your life or any portion of your budget. We choose to work with individuals and organizations committed to being their best selves in all areas of their lives and with their life's work aimed at positively impacting the world. The alchemy of sales, how it evokes triggers, emotions and surfaces our maladaptive thought and behavioral patterns, provides the most potent moments to look inward, become aware, align and then express essence with others resulting in the most powerful transformative experiences. The more a CEO or founding team members dislikes selling or doesn't see themselves as a sales person, the more fertile ground for mind blowing up-leveling of life following our simple process to create a repeatable sales process and aligned organization.


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