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Interview: The sales Godfather of the 3W's and 10 Steps Steve Browne

Why buy anything, Why buy from us, Why buy now


Ask Godfather Steve Browne

There is a secret sales school in Silicon Valley and its godfather is named Steve Browne. Formerly a developer turned "the dark side", Steve innovated a unique sales process that is perfect for startups and any organization involved with new products, new markets or new customer segments. It is based on value and navigating the world to efficiently find the people who need that value now. 

Having had the pleasure of working with Steve more than a decade ago, he's always been on speed dial ever since. I give him a call anytime I run up against challenging sales problems or want to be cracked up by his incredibly dry yet loving sense of humor.

Wherever he goes, Steve creates true believers in his deceivingly simple sales process. At Oracle, where he began, he was asked to explain how he did what he did and he'd train other sales reps that went on to create companies and do monsters deals. His 3W's 30 years later have started to become more well known, increasingly being blogged about by VC's who started off in sales or who have invested in those that have.

Since Moment Sales's training is grounded in Steve's 3W's, 10 Steps and approach to using Pilots to not waste time, I've interviewed him to share how he came up with the process and to share some insights.

Every summer I make the trip to my Sales Mecca, Steve Brown'e house just outside of Chicago, to catch up, laugh about old war stories, and interview Steve. I'm starting with a few videos from 2017 and will be adding more from 2018 as soon as I can. If you have questions please ask them in the comments and I'll be sure to get Steve to answer them this summer in 2019.

Please keep in mind, the beauty of Steve's approach is that is does not require traditional sales skills and training to be successful with it. In his words, the only requirements are BRAINS + GUTS + DRIVE and having something of value. This has proven powerful time and time again when I train founders, founding teams and non-sales people to quickly leapfrog any sales people on their team.

And with that, here's Steve Browne :-)

Origin Story

Before I work with any founders, founding team, venture capitalists or executives I send them 4 links from Steve's blog and the templates from that helps people implement Steve's process quickly and thoroughly across the organization.

  1. Sales is not a pitch, it is a Search
  2. The only unforgivable sin in sales is to WASTE TIME
  3. How to tell the probability of closing a deal
  4. How to use a pipeline report to focus your time

I can always tell when someone will be successful, after receiving the 4 blog posts by Steve, they notice the link to his website and that is has a link to a pdf version of his book "Traction". It is usually an indication that people have at least the BRAINS + DRIVE parts mentioned above.

The 3W's: Why buy anything, Why buy us, Why buy now

The 10 Steps: Lead, Source, 3W's, Champion, Exec Sponsor, Pilot...

The importance of asking for next steps and managing time

Use a Pilot Close to make sure you are not wasting time

Sales Story time: Closing AOL for $7,500,000 using Pilot close

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